Top Restaurants in Mysore for Tourists


Mysore is known for its royal heritage which is the famous destination in the south Indian state. Mysore is like stunning, city respected for its royal residences and has good tourist spots.  So, Mysore can be the one of the good places to visit if anyone are looking to spend their time in the weekend. In case, if the people are foodie type who want taste the foods in different places around the city then they can try for best restaurants Mysore that can give them the good experience when they explore.  Below are top restaurants in Mysore for tourists.

Vinayaka Mylari

Vinayaka Mylari | Among the Best Restaurants in Mysore

This restaurant is one of the best places for lip smacking dishes in the city where people visit over here. The main drawback of this restaurant is that they don’t have good ambiance but the hotel will the fill people’s mouth with awesome food. So, this place serves idlis and dosas which is served on banana leaves that act as mood enhancers.

Green Leaf

Green Leaf | Among the Best Restaurants in Mysore

It can be very easier to visit some places which could serve some dishes that are very common in the city. But this restaurant will give best taste for the visitors whether it can south Indian or north Indian dishes and the place to serve their guests everything they need for best experience in food with impressive ambiance. The food where people can try is Open Masala Dosa that can them to eat more of this.


Oyster Bay, Mysore

Oyster Bay | Among the Best Restaurants in Mysore

The Oyster Bay will welcome the people with good ambiance where their mood lifts up as soon as they step in. So, food is considered as the main attraction for this place and also best restaurants Mysore. This restaurant will offer visitors the option for sitting outdoors and have the foods by enjoying the cool breeze during the evening. So, the restaurant has well-equipped lounge bar for people who want to relax while drinking.

Hotel RRR

Hotel RRR is famous for foodies who want to have iconic non-vegetarian food for a whole new experience. This restaurant was established in the 19th century and made a mark for its Andhra-style dishes. Well, the food is served on a banana leaf, which dish people order for. Regardless of what people order for.


Well, above places are known for its own lip-smacking dishes that can fulfill people’s stomach and also the best restaurants Mysore when compared to other places in the city. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top restaurants in Mysore for tourists. Thanks for reading!

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